Final week of classes

Our final week of classes in Nanchong ranged from Chinese demographics, to traditional medicine, music and calligraphy.  During the afternoons we continued reviewing for our Thursday language exam.  Although we took no pictures at the lecture on traditional medicine, it was one of the most interesting lectures we have had.  Professor Zhou gave good information about both the history of medical practices and current research into the underlying science.

The music lecture introduced us to the range of wind, string (bowed & plucked) and percussion instruments used in China.  Able performers demonstrated the beauty of many instruments and helped us try a few instruments ourselves.

Our final morning of class was devoted to practicing Chinese calligraphy.  Reading Chinese characters is still a challenge to many of us.  Writing several characters under the tutelage of a master calligrapher, although also challenging, was more enjoyable.  At the end of class, our teacher told us to take our supplies (brush, ink, paperweights, etc.) with us as a gift.  Though we have benefitted again and again from the generosity of Chinese culture, we had to ask several times to make sure we were not misunderstanding his intent.