Office of Graduate and Continuing Studies

Phil Mason, Executive Director


The Office of Graduate and Continuing Studies administers several degree programs designed for non-traditional students. Our adult programs reflect the distinctive Goshen College standards of excellence, in a friendly environment of professional support. Four graduate degree programs are described in a separate graduate programs catalog.

Two full degree programs are offered:

  • B.S. in business administration
  • B.S. in social work

Two degree-completion programs are offered:

In addition, a Transition to Teaching program is available as an alternative certification path for students who have already earned a bachelor’s degree in a licensing content area.

Admission information and program structure

BSBA and BSW accelerated programs

To enroll in accelerated BSBA or BSW programs, a student must have completed at least 24 credit hours of college coursework. Other admission requirements for these programs are the same as for traditional programs. See the Admission website or the Admission section of this catalog.

Classes in the accelerated programs meet once per week for 7 or 14 weeks in a year-round calendar. Graduates must earn a total of 120 credit hours with a 2.0 grade point average, and at least 30 credit hours must be completed at Goshen College. Admission and registration processes are completed through the Office of Graduate and Continuing Studies.

Degree completion programs

Degree completion programs are designed for adult learners who are working full time. Classes meet once a week in evening hours; each class is normally 5 weeks long. Graduates must earn a total of 120 semester hours with a 2.0 grade point average for courses completed at Goshen College. Admission and registration processes are completed through the Office of Graduate and Continuing Studies.

Organizational leadership prerequisites
  • Three to five years significant life or work experience
  • Approximately 60 semester hours of college coursework already completed
  • Demonstrated mastery of basic computer and writing skills
  • Satisfactory references
  • At least a C (2.0) average in all prior college course work

In addition to the 40 credit hours earned in Goshen College courses, students may earn up to 20 additional credit hours through Credit for Prior Learning. Students may also transfer up to 20 credits from their military service for courses which are comparable in content to courses offered at a liberal arts college. A maximum of 12 hours of credit may be accepted for technical or skills-oriented courses from vocational training programs in technical schools, community colleges, or Bible institutes. Credits can also be obtained using DANTES and CLEP tests. Goshen College is a test center for both exam programs.

R.N. to B.S.N. prerequisites
  • An associate degree or diploma in nursing from an accredited program
  • A cumulative grade point average of 2.7 or higher in prior academic work
  • Completion of three supporting courses: English composition, anatomy and physiology, and either sociology or psychology
  • Current licensure as an R.N. in Indiana or a neighboring state where the clinical component can be completed

Transition to Teaching program

Transition to Teaching (TtT) candidates must have completed an undergraduate degree in their field with at least a 3.0 grade point average (GPA) to be eligible for this program, based on Indiana state law. An assessment of content knowledge and skills will be completed for each candidate by the Goshen College licensure advisor before entering the program. Additional coursework may be a prerequisite for admission. Education courses listed for two credit hours are taught jointly with three credit hour courses. TtT students pay for only two credit hours. Field experience is required for most classes. Elementary licensure requires 24 credit hours of education courses. Secondary licensure for grades 5-12 requires 18 credit hours. All-grade licensure for P-12 in music, physical education or visual arts has additional requirements.


Due to the concentrated scheduling and the emphasis upon participatory learning, having two absences in classes that meet once per week is considered missing too much class to continue. After two absences, explained or unexplained, a student may be un-enrolled from a course. OGCS will work with the student to make a plan to continue in the program that student is pursuing, but the student will be required to make up the course. A student may contact the instructor in advance to work out an alternate plan for missed work, but missing class should be a rare occurrence. Both absence and tardiness constitute breaches of the attendance policy.

Faculty members are given the flexibility to establish stricter attendance policies in their classes with written guidelines distributed to students the first night of a class.

Students who exhibit a pattern of absenteeism in the program are subject to dismissal, pending review by the program director.

Dean’s List

Undergraduate students in OGCS programs who are carrying a course load of 12 hours or more, who earn a 3.6 or higher grade point average, will be included in the Goshen College Dean’s List for the term in which they received this grade point average. The list is reported in May and December.

Incomplete grades

A grade of I (incomplete) may be given at the instructor’s discretion for medical emergencies or circumstances beyond the student’s control. Students must be earning a passing grade at the time of the request for an I grade. It is to be given rarely and not to accommodate the student who, through carelessness or poor planning, does not complete course work in the given time. The student will work with the instructor to establish a plan for completion of the course.

For degree completion students, the student must initiate arrangements with the faculty member by the end of the last class session to obtain a grade of “Incomplete,” and it must be approved by the program director. Work not submitted by the deadline will be counted as zero, unless arrangements have been made with the faculty member. Students may carry only one course with a grade of Incomplete. Incompletes must be completed within six weeks of the final exam due date or a date agreed upon with the instructor because of extraordinary circumstances. Incompletes not satisfied by the due date will become the grade given by the instructor based on work submitted. If the Incomplete becomes an F, the student must retake the course and pay the current tuition rate in effect when they enroll in the course a second time.

The new grade is used to compute the grade point average, but the I remains on the student’s permanent record.

Inclement weather

In the case of inclement weather, it may be necessary to cancel and reschedule a class session. The Office of Graduate and Continuing Studies will determine whether or not classes should be canceled. A decision will be made by 4:00 PM. Cancellation of day classes does not determine that night classes will also be canceled. If a decision is made to cancel classes for a given evening, every attempt will be made by the OGCS staff to notify each student personally by phone or email. After consultation with the instructor, class will either be rescheduled within two weeks or comparable learning activities will be required of students.


Degree completion programs
Refund of tuition for degree completion students is made on the basis of classes completed in the respective course at the time a student is withdrawn or has notified the Office of Graduate and Continuing Studies that they are withdrawing. A student will be charged again for any course that is retaken. Students who withdraw will be refunded as follows:

  • Before the second class night of a course100%
  • After the second class night0%

If a student has paid for an entire term and withdraws at the end of a course, the tuition for the remaining courses will be refunded in full. If a student withdraws prior to week two, the tuition for that course will be refunded in full. If a student withdraws after week two, the tuition for that course will not be refunded, but the tuition for the remaining courses in the term will be refunded.

The above refund policy also applies to books and fees. Books and fees are included in the tuition charted at the beginning of each term. The date of withdrawal shall be the date on which the drop/add slip is completed and the student indicates future plans in writing (forms are available in the Office of Graduate and Continuing Studies). If a student has marked in a textbook and drops the course before week two, the student will be charged the cost of the book.

BSBA and BSW accelerated programs
BSBA and BSW students may refer to the refund schedule posted in the accounting office and at


Degree completion programs
Course withdrawal before the second class night shows no record on the student transcript. Withdrawal with a grade of “W” is possible only before the third class night. Withdrawal after the third week results in failure of the course and will be reflected as an “F W” on the transcript.

BSBA and BSW programs
BSBA/BSW students may refer to the current year-round academic calendar for drop/add date information.

Student services

Students in OGCS programs have access to a variety of student services. All students have access to the Good Library, a membership at the Recreation/Fitness Center, free admission to all athletic events, and discounted prices at the Goshen College Music Center. The program in which a student is enrolled determines which other services a student has available. Campus housing is not available to students in OGCS programs.

Accelerated program requirements