Great Endings

The Food

On our final Sunday, we celebrated the end of the course with a banquet at an Indian restaurant. It is the tradition to have three students, chosen by their peers, give a presentation about their independent project. The final projects reflect a wide variety of interests and were, as you can imagine, inspiring. On Monday, … Keep reading »

Some Final Thoughts


Our time in London is, unfortunately, coming to an end. We are all hard at work finishing our final projects and getting ready for our presentations tomorrow morning. These last couple weeks have been a whirlwind! It’s hard to believe that it’s already been three weeks! We have experienced everything from the quiet countryside of … Keep reading »

Day 17


It’s day 17 and all of the students have been working extremely hard to finish up their independent projects, while also enjoying our last few days in the city. My final project included photographing locations that were important to the branding of London/the greater England area. Although pictures never seem to do them justic… I … Keep reading »

Salisbury Adventures

Looking cool on the ruins

This post is a little bit out of order, but here’s a short summary of the first part of our field trip on Tuesday- to Salisbury! Before we even got to the town, we could see the spire of the Salisbury cathedral towering above everything around it. This spire is actually the tallest in all … Keep reading »

Sheep, Stones, and Squeals


The second half of our second field trip was spent roaming about the ruins of Avebury. Avebury is a beautiful ride from Salisbury, full of gaping spaces and lush yellow fields. After two and a half weeks spent in the city, it was a much needed time to breathe and appreciate the landscapes that are full … Keep reading »

Shakespeare's As You Like It (We LOVED IT!)


This past Saturday, our group had the unique experience of being groundlings at the Globe Theatre for a performance of Shakespeare’s comedy, “As You Like It”. For those of you who do not know, the Globe sells £5 groundling tickets as a way to make Shakespeare more accessible to the general public. The only catch is … Keep reading »

Rain, Rain, (seriously) Go Away


Thursday morning we all woke up bright and early to start the bus ride to our first field trip. There was much anticipation about getting out of the city for a day to experience a more calm, less populated area. We had a 3 hour bus ride in order to get to the Coventry Cathedral. We … Keep reading »

Various Vast Venues

London boasts a number of state-sponsored arts venues.  The Southbank Centre, National Theatre, and Barbican Centre are just a few.  They show England’s commitment to supporting the arts and providing access to all people. The Southbank Centre is along the south bank of the Thames River and boasts such performance spaces as Royal Festival Hall, … Keep reading »

Concerts, Galleries, and Shows… and FRAs, Oh My!


The Arts in London students are scurrying about buying tickets, attending performances, and engaging in galleries… and doing homework in the computer lab. Today is the day that four of our Focused Response Assignments (FRAs) are due as well as our proposal for our Independent Project. The FRAs are reflective essays about different mandatory arts events … Keep reading »

Week One, Done


After a week of constantly running from class to shows and galleries, hopping on the next bus or the tube, grabbing £3 meal deals at convenient stores, and buying tickets to everything we can get our hands on, we’re getting pretty acclimated to the Arts in London life.  By now we’re moving around our part … Keep reading »