Getting Acquainted


The past two days have consisted of various tours of the city and getting acquainted with where we are staying and having classes. We also purchased Oyster cards, which allow us to  use all of the public transportation around two central zones  of London. Today we visited the different arts venues that we will be going to for various shows … Keep reading »

Off to London


Many months of meetings and preparations are nearly complete. The group will leave Goshen on Monday and arrive in London on Tuesday morning. Class begins with a walking tour to get acquainted with our new surroundings. As a GC alum it is great to experience the classroom again. I’m delighted to serve in the role … Keep reading »

Final Projects, Final Days


Greetings, friends! It’s almost 6:00 in London and we’ve all turned in our final projects, meaning we’re completely finished with the academic portion of the Arts in London class! It’s hard to believe that in just over one short day our three-week whirlwind experience will come to a close. While the work is finished (except … Keep reading »

London Photo Update

Salisbury Cathedral Tour

Pictures to update! We’re all enjoying our last few days here and finishing up our final projects. -Alia Munley

Scones, stones and rainy days


By Ariel Ropp Yesterday our group traveled a few hours east to Salisbury, a quaint town that is home to the impressive Salisbury Cathedral and the ancient ruins at Old Sarum. In addition to exploring the cathedral, one of the highlights of the trip was taking a tour up the church spire, the tallest in … Keep reading »

It's the little things

kate anna carrie

While shows, musical performances, dance performances and museum’s are exciting and truly are once in a lifetime experiences, I’ve found that it is the little things that have been making my time so rich and full here in London. Whether that be finding Raffles the dog, running through the rain with friends, strolling down brick … Keep reading »

From the City Far Away

London. A wonderfully creative chaotic bustling beautiful city. Add the business of our class schedule and squeezing in as many shows as we possibly can and you end up with an incredibly hectic three weeks. Three weeks stuffed full of all sorts of arts and all sorts of great experiences that one can never forget. … Keep reading »

Photos from Brett


The students are busy going to museums, concerts and performances. Taking full advantage of all London has to offer.  Brett Conrad has agreed to share some of his photos with you.  Enjoy!

Doing "things" and Seeing "stuff"

Packing on the pounds in London.

First off, hello to our parents, and all the parents (in case your children have neglected to contact you).   Also,  Happy Mother’s Day! Now that we have been here for a little over a week we will soon get our blind confidence badges as we have become more comfortable with the city. So far we … Keep reading »

Five Unimportant Things You Must Know About London


by Kate Stoltzfus 1. Everything is cuter. I want to use the word quaint every twenty seconds, and this is coming from a girl who had used that word maybe five times in her life thus far. The crammed brick houses, with their red front doors, are quaint. The double decker buses are quaint. The winding … Keep reading »