Doing "things" and Seeing "stuff"

First off, hello to our parents, and all the parents (in case your children have neglected to contact you).   Also,  Happy Mother’s Day!

Now that we have been here for a little over a week we will soon get our blind confidence badges as we have become more comfortable with the city.

So far we have gone some places and seen some stuff.  Some highlights include:

  • Noah and The Whale, an indie pop group, live at The Palace Theater.  The lights were pretty darn cool, disco balls and all.
  • We visited The National Gallery and gawked at the real life versions of the things we learned about in art history.  This included the portrait of  “The Ugly Duchess” by Quinten Massys, among others.
  • Daily we “mind the gap” as we enter and exit The Tube (underground).  London is incredibly accessible by public transport.

In our spare time we have been running around to museums, galleries, shows, and cheap restaurants.  Yesterday we spent the morning in Coventry, a town known for its cathedral and strong ties to peace and reconciliation work.  Look it up if you have a spare minute.  The other half of the day we trekked around Stratford-Upon-Avon, the world of Shakespeare.  We concluded the day by seeing “As You Like It” put on by the Royal Shakespeare Company.

The time slips away from us as we hastily do our written work and begin to think about final projects.  Wish us luck as we come to the sobering realization that this is more than just a holiday.


Jess and Ida

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