Peace Play Contest

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Type of Material

One Act play




  • 1st Place : $500, production, room and board to attend rehearsals and/or production.
  • 2nd Place : $100, possible production.


One submission per writer, unproduced submission preferred, 10-50 minutes in length, exploring a contemporary peace theme (broadly defined).

Submission Procedure

  • Script
  • Paragraph synopsis including why you feel this work is a Peace Play
  • Resumé
  • Put your name on cover page only
  • Use only a clip or binder clamp, no staples, folders or binders please


Postmarked by December 31, 2019


June 30, 2020

Please send submissions to:
Doug L. Caskey
Director of Theater
1700 S. Main St.
Goshen, IN 46526
Phone: 574-535-7393

Previous winners of the Peace Play Contest

1982 – “The Dove, the Hawk and the Phoenix,” by Norman A. Bert
1984 – “After the First Death,” by Richard Strayton,
1986 – “Shadows,” by Scott Memmer,1st place;                                                                                              “The Barbarians Are Coming” by Luigi Jannuzzi, 2nd place
1988 – “Eminent Domain” by Ronald L. Dye
1990 – “Rock In A Weary Land” by Marian Towne
1994 – “Andromache in Baghdad” by Norma Jenckes
1998 – “Bombers” by Jonathan Graham, 1st place;
“Catch a Falling Star” by Darrel deChabey, 2nd place
2000 – “Where Are You From?” by Helayne Schiff, 1st place;
“Topaz” by Kenny Berkowitz, 2nd place
2002 – “The Photo Shoot” by John Wolfson, 1st place;
“The Story” by Rebecca Schwarz, 2nd place
2004 – “Enough” by Patricia Montley, 1st place;
“In a Time of War” by Eric Diener Meyer, 2nd place
2006 – “Baby Boom” by Lia Romeo, 1st place,
“Acts of Contrition” by Patricia Montley, 2nd place
2008 – “Here to Serve You” by Barbara Lindsay, 1st place;
“29 Questions” by Hillary Rollins, 2nd place
2010 – “A Gentler Place” by Jeff Carter, 1st place;
“Pedestrian Casualty, Bronx USA” by Nina Mansfield, 2nd place
2012 – “Mr. Maurizio” by Mic Weinblatt, 1st place;
“Seldom is Heard” by Mary Steelsmith, 2nd place;
“Stay Tuned,” by 1999 Goshen College graduate Peter Eash-Scott, honorable mention.
2014 – “Out From Under With Mary” by Chris Shaw Swanson, 1st place;
“I Scream, You Scream” by Mattie Rydalch, 2nd place;
“Daughters of Africa”  by Andrew Ade, honorable mention                                                                      2016 – “Party Favors” by Cary Pepper, 1st place                                                                           “Apothecary’s Dilemma” by Pat Montley, honorable mention                                                               “Here Sphinxie, Sphinxie” by Luigi Jannuzzi, honorable mention                                                                    2018 – “History Lesson” by Frankie Little Hardin, 1st place


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