Peace and Justice Resources

Academic Links

General Links

  • The Peace and Justice Committee of the Mennonite Church
    Goshen College is operated by the Mennonite Church, one of the historic peace churches.
  • Exploring Global Conflict
    This online resource guide was developed by the Center for International Studies. The guide features over 175 links related to conflict, peace, current news sources, human rights and humanitarian aid, educational resources, as well as information related to specific conflicts around the world including: Northern Ireland, the Middle East, the Great Lakes region in Africa, and the former Yugoslavia. Every effort was made to provide information from all perspectives. However, the editors of the guide are not responsible for the accuracy and reliability of the resources cited. Users are cautioned that some of the resources do not necessarily present information in a balanced and impartial manner. It is entirely up to the user to determine the validity of the sources included in this guide.

Organizational Links

  • Christian Peacemaker Teams (CPT)
    CPT is a project of the Mennonite Churches, Church of the Brethren and Friends United Meeting. As an organization , it responds to invitations from grassroots movements seeking to rectify injustice in nonviolent ways.
  • Fourth Freedom Forum
    This peace organization is based in Goshen, and the president also teaches a course at GC.
  • Peace Action
    This peace organization has a student wing called SPAN, which GC students have been involved in.

Student Resources