If you know just one thing about Jeremy Pope, it’s probably that he likes to play basketball. In fact, that’s why he came to Goshen College, to be part of the growing basketball program. But if you hang around with Jeremy for a while, you’ll find out something else. Jeremy gets involved. He’s been president of the Black Student Union and an event coordinator in the Multicultural Affairs Office. He participated in the Summer Academic Leadership Training sponsored by the Goshen College Center for Intercultural Teaching and Learning and founded SWAG (Serving With All Gifts), a campus men’s group. Jeremy says, “It’s easy to find and communicate with people that you need on our journey through college. My most rewarding experiences have to do with meeting new people of all type of heritages, races and cultures.”

Jeremy also came to Goshen College to take advantage of the academic programs and opportunities, particularly sports management. Jeremy says, “There are a lot of services on campus that give support academically and socially.” You might also find him singing some R&B with his teammates or participating in a campus event (which he probably organized). And if it’s 4:00 a.m., you’ll know exactly where he is – raiding the refrigerator for cookies and milk, which he does every night.

—Jeremy Pope ’11; Westerville, Ohio; physical education major with a minor in business