I came to Goshen College to be a pianist

But I’m also

Emily Trapp ’13

a photographer,

a teacher,

a person of faith,

a peacemaker.

“I don’t see hope as an expectation. A lot of students at Goshen see this as a place where they hope for better things. But they don’t just hope; they are doing things, being proactive. To hope is to have courage. To take risks. Having hope is an opportunity. I hope for more unity and understanding. For people to have open hearts and minds to experience things that they don’t even know are out there. To be open to that potential.

“Working for peace depends so much on communication and being able to understand other viewpoints. I like the idea that music is a universal language. It’s simple. It’s direct and anybody who’s willing to listen can understand it. Peace building is hard; it’s bold to put yourself out there and take a stand. Music is bold, too. I am continually amazed by the type of storytelling and understanding that the arts can provide for all people. It can bring us together.”

—Emily Trapp ’13; Canby, Ore.; music and communications double major, piano pedagogy minor