July 11, 2013

South Bend Silverhawks Warm-ups

SOUTH BEND, Ind.РYesterday, July 10, 2013 around 4:00 pm, Write On Sports had the opportunity to interview three Silverhawks players pre-game. Fidel Pena is #23 and plays infielder, Alex Glenn #28 is an outfielder, as well as Pitcher #19 Jesse Darrah. They explained how they work hard during training so they are prepared for the games.

The Players warmed up with the catchers playing a game of catch, batting practice for the batters, a run for the whole group, and many drills. They started warmups at 1:00 pm and they don’t go home until after 11:00 pm.

Pitching Coach Wellington Cepeda talked about how most people think the players get there a little before the game. That’s not the case. Cepeda said, “It’s like a regular job.”

Some of the players work out or ice their muscles after a game to cool down.

The players went into the game prepared. They explained their feelings in two words: ready and excited.

They went into the game against Kane County Cougars with a positive outlook and ended with a positive outcome. Silverhawks prevailed 7-2.


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