July 11, 2013

Notre Dame: Where Academics Are Equal to Athletics

NOTRE DAME, Ind.–Jack Nolan, Notre Dame athletic broadcaster, thinks that academics are equal to athletics at Notre Dame.

Yesterday during an interview with the students of Write on Sports camp, Nolan told the students that one of the reasons he enjoys working at Notre Dame is that the athletes are “student athletes,” meaning that school comes before sports.

“They try to get you to succeed in everything,” Nolan said.

Notre Dame helps their athletes by giving them a plan in case their career as an athlete doesn’t turn out like they hoped.

“It helps the athletes face the music,” Nolan said.

Students who play sports don’t just practice their athletics during the day, they also attend a variety of classes, all of which help them learn important things that can help them in life such as speaking in front of large crowds. Nolan explained that many of their athletes are very successful in life, with careers such as CEOs of companies or lawyers.



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