Home Again

All of the SSTT Scholars are home again, settled back in after our whirlwind learning tour in Guatemala. We arrived back on Goshen College’s campus around 5 a.m. Tuesday, slept a few hours, then rose for breakfast and the beginning of several rounds of a workshop with Interim Dean Jo-Ann Brant. The workshop was so students could begin revising four of their journal entries into 1,000-word essays focused on particular themes.

We also had play time on campus, and some group processing about what the material objects we brought back from Guatemala represent. We discussed how to tell stories to our families and friends, and made commitments to keep in touch (students are doing so on Snapchat). Students also are preparing to do their 40 hours of internship/service back in their home communities, which most will complete by the end of June.

Goodbyes were prolonged and tearful, beginning at 5:30 a.m. Wednesday and finishing up by late that afternoon. The pilgrimage to Guatemala was a significant one for all of us, and we want to hang on to the memories, the glow we received from our Guatemalan hosts, the friendships, and our commitment to living faithfully in a world in need of healing.