An introduction to this new blog, Distinctively Goshen

I’ve now been in office just a little over a year and one of the things I most enjoy about this work is the privilege of talking to so many people, both on and off campus, who truly LOVE Goshen College — and who therefore offer helpful challenges as well! I get to hear their stories and favorite memories of when they were students. I learn about what matters most to them. I gain insights about how the distinctive experience that is Goshen College impacts lives forever and creates significant ripples in many other lives and communities.

I would like to find even more ways to talk with more people in this great community. In these brief pieces, I will share more of what I’m experiencing and thinking about what’s happening on campus and in the broader world. I hope to create more conversations about what matters most to all of the amazing people who have been part of this great institution at some point or impacted by those who have.

So, I’m starting this blog, “Distinctively Goshen,” and I hope you’ll join me as we wonder together about what that name means. I look forward to connecting with you!

Rebecca Stoltzfus