The Wall Project

Date: March 10-11, 2011

Photographer: Jodi H. Beyeler and David Zwier ’12

Goshen College students, led by the PAX Club, built a miniature replica of the Israel/Palestine wall on campus for March 10-11. The wall included two checkpoints, guards and student artwork. Students were required to show an ID card in order to pass through a checkpoint.

This project was one part of a larger educational effort that included an orientation session where students could learn some of the history of Israel/Palestine conflict in the Middle East and how/why the wall has been constructed, with an effort to explore both sides of the conflict. Students also organized a number of talk-back sessions for students to reflect on the experience and what they learned.

This project was organized by students in response to concerns about a humans rights and environmental issue. The Wall Project sought to address complexities in a non-biased, peaceful manner.