The Service portion of the Study Service Term has begun.  The students are volunteering in the highlands — Ayacucho, Huanta and Tarma — as well as the rain forest — San Ramon, La Merced, Oxapampa and San Miguel de Marankiari.  They are assisting teachers at the primary and secondary school levels, assisting church staff, teaching English and computer skills, tutoring, helping with homework, teaching basic hygiene, serving meals, working on farms, setting up a library, helping out at a clinic, playing with children and, more generally, serving as positive role models.  The photos below show the students boarding buses for their service locations.  Next week the directors will begin their service visits to check in with each student, meet with their supervisors and spend time with their host families.

Safe travels and blessings on your work!


  1. Holly Blosser Yoder says

    I have really enjoyed your frequent posts about what the students have been learning during the culture & language portion of Term.

  2. Tina Schlabach says

    And now may the directors and their children get a little REST before you start your visits! With huge appreciation, Tina

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