Mandy presents a Yanesha legend

We finished the semester with a retreat in Chosica, a town nestled in the foothills at the edge of Lima known for its sunny climate.  We spent time getting reacquainted and learning about each student’s research project.  Topics included:

  • Peruvian Business:  The People and the Practices
  • Plants and Animals of Mancos
  • From the Market to the Table
  • How to Kill a Chicken
  • Culture and Fishing in Azulis
  • There is More to Italians that Spaghetti and Lasagna (Italian Dance)
  • Fruit of the Selva
  • Stories and Legends of the Yanesha Community
  • Educating Chimbote’s Future
  • Ashenika
  • Souvenirs:  Traditional vs. Touristy
  • Yanesha Community Economics:  Azulis
  • Renewable Energy in Peru
  • The Importance of Coffee
  • Waste Management:  Trash Collection/Recycling
  • Adobe
  • Dating and Relationships
  • Subsistence and Poverty Reduction
  • The Wonderful World of Ají
  • Regional Variation in Peruvian Cuisine
  • The Peruvian Perception of Magic

After the presentations we spend time celebrating birthdays, worshiping, evaluating the service assignments and discussing re-entry into North American culture.