Service Visit Report: Kara

Kara shows one of her works in progress

Kara shows one of her works in progress

Kara is living and working at a family-run pottery workshop in San Juan del Oriente, a town where ceramic making has been the culture for over 500 years. Given the heavily ingrained tradition, her days are filled with learning about and working with pottery. She also gets plenty of time to read, talk to people, and walk up to the nearby Mirador de Catarina or down to Laguna de Apoyo.

Kara helps at all stages of the pottery-making process, whether finishing the rough clay surface of a piece, applying the many layers of a base coat, painting, or simply watching the clay dry. She adds that she is working on mastering the mark of the trade, the kick-wheel. (We saw her in action when the group visited her family’s workshop in May and were impressed already!)

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