July 24 – Return from Service Assignments

Today all the students safely returned from their service locations.  They each stopped by Quinta Goshen, the house where Doug and Maria are living, to leave off homework assignments, books from the library, journal assignments, etc.  Also, we were just glad to see each of them in person and welcome them back!  Below are pictures of the adventurers as they arrived from different locations around the country.

The next four nights they will be staying with their host families from the first six weeks.  On Thursday and Friday mornings the students will give 10-minute presentations on their service projects, and in the afternoons we will go sight-seeing at a nearby steaming volcano and souvenir shopping at craft markets.  Saturday will be spent relaxing, swimming and kayaking at a tiny island in Lake Nicaragua.  On Sunday, their last full day in Nicaragua, the students will say goodbye to their families before we all get on a bus to Managua where we will spend the afternoon reflecting on our experiences in Nicaragua and anticipating returning to life in the U.S.  Early Monday morning we take the students to the airport for their return flight to the U.S.