Last moments in Nicaragua

After several sad goodbyes with families in Carazo yesterday, the group traveled to the same Centro Kairos guesthouse in Managua where they had stayed the first two nights when they arrived in Nicaragua what seems like a looong time ago.  After lunch we had a worship service and some reflections and sharing on our times in Nicaragua.

At 6 p.m. we attended a Catholic mass at the Batahola Center, where Becky had done her service assignment, and then we returned to the Kairos guesthouse for supper.  A group of 8 theology students from Saint Louis University, a Jesuit school, were also staying at the guesthouse.  They had arrived in Nicaragua just one week after our group did.  During supper and afterwards the two student groups had engaging conversations comparing notes on Nicaragua and theology.

This morning we got the GC students to the airport early (4:30 a.m.) and on time, but soon after arriving we found out their flight to Miami was delayed about five hours.  This will cause them to miss their flight from Miami to Chicago and not arrive in Goshen until tomorrow afternoon.  For the most recent updates on their return status, check the event calendar on the main GC webpage.