Masatepe – Caleb and Jordan

Caleb and Jordan are both living and working in Masatepe, a town about half the size of Jinotepe  Maria visited them on Wednesday.

Caleb is working at the local health clinic, and the day Maria visited he was heading off to a rural community with other health workers to look for standing water that is breeding Aedes aegypti,  the mosquito that transmits dengue.  He left at 7 a.m. and did not get home until 7 p.m.  On other trips to the campo with health workers Caleb has helped with preventative medicine and health education.  When he is working in the clinic and not shadowing a doctor, he enters data into the office computer.  The staff told Maria that he does this faster than anyone else who is there, so they’re glad to give him more work.

Jordan has been working in the mornings for two carpentry cooperatives that make furniture.  He cuts and sands wood, and he also helps put the wicker weaving into chairs.  At noon he goes home to eat lunch with his family, who told Maria that Jordan is now known in the neighborhood for his fast-paced running every morning.  [Maria’s camera died before she could get any pictures from Jordan’s home.]  From 3-5 p.m. Jordan goes to work at a small library in the park where he reads to the children and helps some of them with their homework.  After work he often plays soccer with a group of local friends he has made.   In the coming weeks he will work with health brigades on mosquito control and assist with English classes at a primary school, giving him a wide variety of work experiences!