Contents, October, 1994


  • Keith L. Sprunger, "Jan Theunisz of Amsterdam (1569-1638):
    Mennonite Printer, Pamphleteer, Renaissance Man," (pp. 437-460)
  • Geoffrey L. Dipple, "Humanists, Reformers and Anabaptists on
    Scholasticism and the Deterioration of the Church," (pp. 461-482)
  • J. Denny Weaver, "Some Theological Implications of Christus Victor,"
    (pp. 483-499)
  • J. Howard Kauffman, "Power and Authority in Mennonite Families,"
    (pp. 500-523)
  • Delbert F. Plett, "Print Culture of the East Reserve, 1874-1930,"
    (pp. 524-550)

Books Reviewed

  • Loewen, Harry. No Permanent City: Stories from Mennonite History and
    Life. Review by Linda Falk Suter
  • Reimer, Al. Mennonite Literary Voices: Past and Present. Review by Ervin
  • Goertz, Hans-Jürgen. Religiöse Bewegungen in der frühen
    Neuzeit. Review by Walter Klaassen.
  • Shenk, Wilbert, ed. The Transfiguration of Mission: Biblical, Theological
    and Historical Foundations. Review by Calvin E. Shenk.
  • Toews, Paul, ed. Mennonites and Baptists: A Continuing Conversation.
    Review by Stanley J. Grenz.
  • Bartsch, Franz. Our Trek to Central Aisa. Review by James Urry
  • Wiebe, Ben. Messianic Ethics: Jesus’ Proclamation of the Kingdom of God
    and the Church in Response. Review by Michael G. Cartwright.
  • Wentz, Richard E. Pennsylvania Dutch Folk Spirituality. Review by David
    A. Shank
  • Harder, Leland. Doors to Lock and Doors to Open. Review by Stephen C.
  • Niemeyer, Lucian. Old Order Amish: Their Enduring Way of Life. Review by
    Steve Nolt.
  • McLary, Kathleen. Amish Style. Review by Ervin Beck.
  • Heggen, Carolyn Holderread. Sexual Abuse in Christian Homes and Churches.
    Review by J. Howard Kauffman.
  • Wiebe, Katie Funk. Life after Fifty: A Positive Look at Aging in the Faith
    Community. Review by Tilman R. Smith.
  • Good, Merle. Today Pop Goes Home. Review by Paul W. Nisly

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