Morocco SST 2012 Begins!

Students will soon be on their way from Goshen to Meknes. Though they have studied more than one form of Arabic already, they will encounter the unique features of Morocco’s own spoken dialect, Darija. They will live with Moroccan families, study the language, visit the main regions and cities of the country, and complete a service assignment at a second location.

Unit leaders, Paul and Julie Keim, along with their 14-year-old son, Ian (Arabic name: Amin), arrived in Meknes in early August and have been preparing for the arrival of the students along with the invaluable assistance of in-country Program Facilitator, Fouad Achahbar. The Goshen program in Morocco is being developed in cooperation with the Moroccan American Association for Communication and Cultural Cooperation (MAACCC). The president of MAACCC, Prof. Si Driss, will be teaching the Darija course for the students during their 6 weeks in Meknes.