Teacher Certification Programs

Transition to Teaching (grades K-6 or 5-12)

Transition to Teaching (TtT) is an alternative certification program based on the premise that a candidate already has the content knowledge in the licensing area. Candidates must have completed an undergraduate degree in their field with at least a 3.0 grade point average or must pass the appropriate content-area licensure exam in order to be eligible for this program. The 18 credit hours required for secondary and 24 credit hours required for elementary programs are for education coursework only.

Courses listed for two credit hours are taught jointly with three credit undergraduate courses. TtT students pay for only two credit hours. Field experience is required for most classes and the final semester practicum requires students to commit to full days in a school for 13 weeks.

For additional information, see www.goshen.edu/adult/transition-teaching.

Elementary education TtT curriculum

24 credit hours

First year fall semester

  • Educ 300, Exceptional Learners: Elementary 2
  • Educ 301, Curriculum Studies: Math 2
  • Educ 303, Literacy I: Developmental 3
  • Educ 401, Child Development Practicum 1

First year spring semester

  • Educ 304, Curriculum Studies: Social Studies 2
  • Educ 307, Children’s and Adolescent Literature 2
  • Educ 308, Curriculum Studies: Science 2
  • Educ 310, Educational Psychology: Elementary2
  • Educ 406, Literacy II: Diagnostic 2

Second year fall semester

  • Educ 410, Transition to Teaching Practicum 6

Secondary education TtT curriculum

18 credit hours

Requirements below are for licensure in American Sign Language, English, mathematics, music, physical education, science, social studies, Spanish, or visual arts.

First year fall semester

  • Educ 201, Foundations of Education 2
  • Educ 302, Exceptional Learners: Secondary 2
  • Educ 321, Curriculum & Instruction I: Middle School (field experience) 2

First year spring semester

  • Educ 309, Educational Psychology 2
  • Educ 324, Curriculum & Instruction II: High School (field experience) 2
  • Content-specific methods course 2

Second year fall semester

  • Educ 410, Transition to Teaching Practicum 6

English Learners Licensure Add-On

This program is designed for certified teachers who already hold a professional educator’s license in another content area. By addressing all Indiana educator standards for English Learners, it will meet state requirements for additional certification in the teaching of English Language Learners at the developmental level for which the teacher is already certified (K-6, 5-12 or P-12). The program is structured to be manageable for full-time teachers, with classes meeting only one evening per week and fieldwork assignments that can be carried out in teachers’ existing classrooms and schools. All participants must pass the state-required content exam in English Learners in order to achieve this additional certification area.

  • Educ 421, Introduction to English Learners 1
  • Educ 425, English Learner Methods 3


  • Engl 310, Introduction to Linguistics 3


  • Educ 450, Professional Capstone 2