Theological studies and Christian ministry

Minor in theological studies and Christian ministries

18 credit hours

  • Bibl 300, Jesus and the Gospels3
  • Rel 320, Christian Theologies3
  • Rel 374, Congregational Ministries3
  • Rel 409, Internship3
  • Courses selected from the following:6
    • Mus 212, Song Leading (1)
    • Mus 311, Topics in Music Literature: Church Music (2)
    • Phil 203, Living Ethically or Phil 302, Ethics and Morality (3)
    • PJCS 370, Personal Violence and Healing (3)
    • Rel 209, Field Experience (1-3)
    • Rel 225, Spiritual Formation (1)
    • Rel 322, Worshiping Communities (3)
    • AMBS course, with approval from academic advisor

Student learning outcomes

Graduates with a minor in Theological Studies and Christian Ministries will:

  1. Articulate a biblical, historical and theological foundation for ministry.
  2. Exercise competent leadership through designing, implementing and assessing ministry experiences.
  3. Assess growth toward spiritual and personal maturity.
  4. Clarify and develop a ministerial identity.

Planning and advising notes

A campus Ministry Leader program and a summer Ministry Inquiry internship program, both coordinated by the campus ministry office, provide excellent opportunities for students to test ministry as a vocation.