Theater education

A minor in theater education is available. See also the major and minor in theater.

Minor in theater education

17 credits

  • THEA 234, Acting I3
  • THEA 386, History of Theater3
  • THEA 409, Theater Internship*3
  • One of the following3
    • THEA 225, The Theater Experience
    • THEA 235, Power of Story
  • One of the following2
    • THEA 236, Stagecraft
    • THEA 200, Theater Practice
  • One of the following3
    • THEA 336, Contemporary Drama
    • THEA 387, History of Theater II
  • Four semesters of participation in theater productionsNC

*The internship must be carried out in a P-12 school setting and will include assignments that ask the student to document and evaluate instructional methods and assessment practices. The student will also participate in teaching and/or directing and will be evaluated by their schools-based supervisor.