A major and a minor are available in psychology.

Major in psychology

40 credit hours

  • Psyc 100, General Psychology3
  • Psyc 319, Cognitive Psychology3
  • Psyc 380, Statistics in Research3
  • Psyc 401, Psychology Research I1
  • Psyc 403, Psychology Research II2
  • Psyc 409, Senior Internship2
  • Psyc 410, Senior Seminar in Psychology2
  • Additional psychology classes18
  • Related courses selected from the following:6
    • Biol 120, Cell Biology and Genetics (4)
    • Biol 212 NW, Empathic Animals (3)
    • CJRJ 100, Intro to Criminal Justice (3)
    • Kin 350, Sport Culture and Psychology (3)
    • PJCS 201 PX, Violence & Nonviolence (3)
    • Pubh 200, Intro to Public Health (3)
    • Pubh 210, Health Promotion in Diverse Communities (3)
    • Soc 200, Principles of Sociology (3)
    • Soc 210, Sociology of the Family (3)
    • SoWk 221, Human Behavior (3)
    • WGS 200, Introduction to Gender Studies (3)

Student learning outcomes

Graduates in psychology will:

  1. Demonstrate familiarity with major concepts, theories, and empirical pre/post findings in psychology and related areas.
  2. Understand and apply research methods.
  3. Use critical thinking, skeptical inquiry and a scientific approach, whenever possible, to solve mental health problems.
  4. Explain and apply psychological principles to personal, social, and organizational issues.
  5. Demonstrate effective written communication in APA style.
  6. Recognize, understand, and respect complexity of sociocultural and internal diversity.
  7. Explore career options and engage in career planning.
  8. Engage in meaningful discussions about the relationship between faith and psychology.

Planning guide

First year Goshen Core
General Psychology
Related courses
Second year Goshen Core
Psychology  courses
Related courses
Third year Goshen Core
Upper-level courses in major
Statistics in Research/Psychology Research (3rd or 4th year)
Related courses
Fourth year Balance of Goshen Core
Balance of major and related courses
Senior Seminar

Minor in psychology

18 credit hours

  • Psyc 100, General Psychology3
  • Additional psychology courses, at least 12 credit hours upper-level (300 or above)15