Pre-law studies

A pre-law minor can be combined with any major except for History Pre-law. This minor will prepare the student for success in taking the LSAT exam and in law school studies.

Minor in pre-law studies

18 credit hours

  • Courses selected from the following list 9
    • Bus 310, Business Law(3)
    • Comm 270, Media Law & Ethics(3)
    • Engl 204, Expository Writing(3)
    • Math 205, Discrete Mathematics(3)
    • PJCS 347, Restorative Justice(3)
    • Phil 200, Introduction to Philosophy(3)
    • Phil 203, Living Ethically or Phil 302, Ethics and Morality(3)
    • PoSc 200, Introduction to Political Science(3)
    • PoSc 210, Introduction to Public Policy(3)
    • PoSc 305, US Constitutional Law(3)
    • Sust 320, Environmental Policy & Politics(3) (part of Sustainability Leadership Semester)
  • Three courses 9
    Additional courses from the list above, or any of the following:

    • Econ 200, Principles of Economics(3)
    • Engl 300, Philosophy, Interpretation, and Culture(3)
    • Engl 315, The English Language(3)
    • Hist 326, Recent American History(3)
    • Hist 327, American Immigration and Ethnic History(3)
    • PJCS 325, Mediation: Process, Skills, Theory(3-4)
    • PJCS 350, Dynamics/Theology of Reconciliation(3)
    • Psyc 200, Social Psychology(3)
    • Psyc 306, Abnormal Psychology(3)
    • Soc 200, Principles of Sociology(3)
    • Soc 322, Social Policy & Programs(3)
    • SoWk 350, Human Services: Special studies(3)

Student learning outcomes

  1. Demonstrate knowledge and historical application of the principles and theories of law, politics and public policy.
  2. Skillfully communicate logical arguments in both written and oral form.
  3. Identify and interpret sources effectively as evidence.
  4. Critically analyze, construct and support arguments from a variety of perspectives.
  5. Interpret moral responsibilities within a professional setting.

Planning and advising note

The list of courses in this minor is designed to develop skills in logic, text analysis, written and oral communication and a knowledge base in public policy and human experience. At least nine credit hours in the minor must be 300-level or above. LSAT materials and advising are available through history department faculty advisors.