Political studies

A Goshen College approach to political studies highlights issues of social justice, global encounters, advocacy for those marginalized by power structures, and working toward positive change.

Minor in political studies

18 credit hours

  • Three core courses selected from the following list9
    • PoSc 200, Introduction to Political Science
    • PoSc 210, Introduction to Public Policy
    • PoSc 305, US Constitutional Law
    • PoSc 308, International Politics
    • PoSc 320, Issues in Politics and Society
    • PoSc 425, War and Peace in the Modern World
  • Three additional courses 9
    Additional courses from the core list above, or any of the following:

    • Hist 315, War and Peace in 20th Century Europe
    • Hist 326, Recent American History
    • Hist 327, Immigration, Race and Ethnicity in the U.S.
    • PJCS 201, Violence and Nonviolence
    • PJCS 332, Religion, Conflict and Peace
      or PJCS 350, Dynamics/Theology of Reconciliation
    • PJCS 360, Designing for Social Change
    • Soc 322, Social Policy and Programs
    • Soc 334, Race, Class & Ethnic Relations
    • Sust 320, Environmental Policy & Politics (part of Sustainability Leadership Semester)

Student learning outcomes

Graduates in political studies will:

  1. Demonstrate knowledge and application of political science principles and theories.
  2. Skillfully communicate political arguments in both written and oral form.
  3. Identify and interpret sources effectively as evidence for political analysis.
  4. Critically analyze, construct and support political arguments from a variety of perspectives.
  5. Interpret the moral responsibilities of the political scientist within a professional setting.

Planning and advising notes

The political studies minor takes an interdisciplinary approach, introducing students to the guiding paradigms and questions of political science, while noting how multiple discplines are engaged with the fundamental questions of government and power relations. Students take a set of core courses on political science and policy, supplemented by politically oriented courses in history; peace, justice and conflict studies; and sociology. Students are encouraged to design a combination of courses in the minor that best suits their career path.