Music in worship

Minor in music in worship

20-21 credit hours

  • Mus 201/202, Music Theory I & II 8
  • Mus 204, Survey of Music Literature 3
  • Mus 212, Introduction to Conducting 1
  • Mus 311, Topics in Music Literature: Church Music 2
  • Applied music 4
  • One of the following courses: 2-3
    • Mus 208, Piano Pedagogy I
    • Mus 210, Elementary Music Methods
  • Participation in a core ensemble at least four semesters NC
  • Sophomore recital or project (may be given in junior or senior year) NC

Student learning outcomes

Graduates in music will:

  1. Demonstrate growth in musicianship and artistry for excellence in music performance.
  2. Demonstrate increased skills and knowledge for quality scholarship in music.
  3. Develop expertise toward effective pedagogies and leadership in music.
  4. Integrate performance skills, aesthetic understandings and academic work toward music’s service as an instrument of peacemaking and the deepening of Christian faith.
  5. Demonstrate preparedness for a vibrant career that includes using the musical arts for a positive contribution to society.

Advising note

Music in worship is also available as a concentration within the music major.