Multimedia communication

The minor in multimedia communication may be combined with any major, or it may be expanded into a major in one of two ways: as a concentration within the communication major or as a component of the interdisciplinary major.

Minor in multimedia communication

18 credit hours

  • Art 108, Digital Design 3
  • Bus 220, Spreadsheet Skills3
  • Comm 326, Creating for the Web 3
  • Art/Comm 375, Animation3
  • Two courses(at least 2 credit hours 300 and above) selected from : 6
    • Art 208, Typography
    • Art 308, Graphic Design
    • Bus 254, Principles of Marketing
    • Comm 212, Digital Media Production
    • Comm 250, Writing for Media
    • Comm 312, Advanced Digital Media Production

Student learning outcomes

Graduates in multimedia communication will:

  1. Comprehend a core of knowledge in the field.
  2. Combine theoretical understanding and coding skills in a practical multimedia application.
  3. Demonstrate a set of professional skills and competencies in their practice of multimedia communication.