Interdisciplinary studies

An interdisciplinary major is for students who wish to engage in substantial study in several academic fields. It also gives students the opportunity to design a major that fits their unique interests and needs.

Interdisciplinary major

47-52 credit hours

Core requirements

  • 9 credit hours of courses that are required in each of three major or minor areas 27

Elective courses

  • 6 additional credit hours in each of the three selected major or minor areas 18

Senior seminar and internship

  • Senior seminar from one of the major areas selected above 1-4
  • Internship from the same major as the senior seminar 1-3

Advising notes

Courses are selected from three academic program areas. At least one 3-credit required course in each department must be completed in residence at Goshen College. Not including the senior seminar and internship, a minimum of at least 18 credit hours in the major must be upper-level courses (300-499). Courses in an interdisciplinary major may not duplicate courses counted in any other major or minor. If the student completes a senior seminar and internship in another major, the student may elect to complete additional credit hours in one of the interdisciplinary areas to substitute for the interdisciplinary senior seminar and internship requirement.

Students interested in investigating an interdisciplinary major should contact the associate dean to discuss interests and options. The student’s academic advisor will usually be a professor from the department in which the student elects to complete the senior seminar and internship.