A major and a minor in history are available, as well as social studies teacher education for grades 5-12. See also the major in history and social research and minors in political studies, pre-law studies, social policy, and Anabaptist-Mennonite studies.

Major in history

41 credit hours (core and one concentration area)

Core requirements (32 credit hours)

  • Comm/Engl 204, Expository Writing 3
  • U.S. and world history courses, at least 12 credit hours upper level (300 and above) 21
  • Hist 409, Internship (or student teaching for education majors) 2
  • Hist 410, History Seminar: Analysis 3
  • Hist 411, History Seminar: Synthesis 3

Social science concentration (9 credit hours)

  • Courses selected from three of the fields below:
    Political science
    Peace, justice and conflict studies

Humanities concentration (9 credit hours)

  • Courses selected from three of the fields below:
    Bible or religion
    Art, Music or Theater history

Student learning outcomes

Graduates in history will:

  1. Demonstrate knowledge of basic historical patterns, principles and theories.
  2. Skillfully communicate historical arguments in both written and oral form.
  3. Identify and interpret both primary and secondary sources effectively as evidence.
  4. Analyze, construct and support historical arguments from a variety of perspectives.
  5. Interpret the moral responsibilities of the historian’s work for his/her own future.

Planning guide

First year Goshen Core
100 or 200-level history courses
Second year Goshen Core
Additional history courses
Courses in concentration
SST (fall or spring)
Third year Goshen Core
Hist 410, History Seminar: Analysis
Upper-level history
Balance of concentration
Fourth year Balance of Goshen Core
Balance of major
Hist 411, History Seminar: Synthesis
Hist 409, Internship

Planning and advising notes

Teacher certification in Social Studies Education is available for grades 5-12. Required within or in addition to the history major are the following courses: Biol 207 or Phys 215, Econ 203, Hist 101, Hist 105, Hist 211, Hist 217, Hist 315, Hist 326, Hist 327, Hist 345, Hist 400 (Indiana history), PoSc 200, Psyc 100 and Soc 200. For licensure in government and citizenship, PoSc 210 and PoSc 305 are also required.
In addition, 32 credits of education courses are required, including a fall semester of student teaching. The first education class, Educ 201, should be taken in May term of the first year or fall of the sophomore year. See the education major pages and web site for more details about requirements.

All history majors are encouraged to acquire proficiency in a foreign language equal to the intermediate (202) level.

Minor in history

18 credit hours

  • Hist 101, 102, or 105 3
  • Additional history courses, at least 9 credit hours upper level (300 and above) 15