A major and minor in English are available, as well as teacher certification in English/language arts for grades 5-12. See also majors and minors in Writing and TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages).

Major in English

40 credit hours

  • Engl 201, World Literature 3
  • Engl 204, Expository Writing 3
  • Engl 300, Philosophy, Interpretation, and Culture 3
  • Engl 315, Global English3
  • Engl 326, History of Literature in English I3
  • Engl 327, History of Literature in English II3
  • Engl 409, Senior Practicum 1-2
  • Engl 410, Senior Seminar 3
  • Elective courses in the English department 18

Student learning outcomes

Graduates in English will:

  1. Demonstrate knowledge of North American, English, and world literature in an aesthetic, cultural, and historical context.
  2. Demonstrate knowledge of the history and use of the English language.
  3. Demonstrate knowledge of the history and practice of literary and cultural criticism.
  4. Demonstrate mastery of the above knowledge base at a level suitable for graduate school preparation.
  5. Analyze literature using appropriate formal and critical tools.
  6. Conduct traditional and digital literary research and present it through oral, written, and/or electronic formats.
  7. Develop proficiency in expository, professional, analytical, and/or creative writing, culminating in the design and development of a professional quality senior portfolio.
  8. Use reading, writing, and critical thinking to integrate faith and ethics with personal identity.
  9. Contribute to the world on a local or global level as a culturally proficient reader, writer, and thinker.

Planning guide

First year Goshen Core
Academic Voice
Research & Writing
World Literature
Introduction to Creative Writing (recommended)
Artistic World Perspective (recommended)
Second year Goshen Core
Expository Writing
Philosophy, Interpretation, and Culture
History of Literature in English I & II
Third year Goshen Core
Diverse Voices in American Literature (recommended)
Global English
English electives
Fourth year Balance of Goshen Core
Balance of major and related courses
Senior Practicum
Senior Seminar

Planning and advising notes

Students earning Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), or CLEP credit in English are strongly encouraged to take Engl 204 during the first year.

Nine credit hours of the English elective courses in the major must be upper level (300-499). Most AP and IB literature and language courses will count as credits toward graduation, but not toward the English major. Exception: An IB-HL score of 5 or higher in English may replace World Literature in the major.

English courses designated as SST courses may count toward either SST or the major, but not both.

Students doing student teaching for English/Language Arts Secondary Education do not need to take Engl 409, English Practicum, but they do need Engl 410, English Senior Seminar.

English majors are encouraged to get involved with communication or English co-curricular activities such as The Record, Pinchpenny Press, Broadside, or Red Cents. Comm 200, Communication Practice, or Engl 290, English Publication, are recommended in the third year.

Teacher education certification is available for grades 5-12 in English/Language Arts education. In addition to or as part of the English major, students complete Engl 235, Engl 319, Comm 202, Educ 303, Educ 307, and one credit of either Comm 200 or Engl 290. Students also complete 36 credit hours of education courses and do not complete Engl 409, senior practicum.

The first education class, Educ 201, should be taken in May term of the first year or fall of the sophomore year. See the Education department for more details about secondary education requirements.

Minor in English

18 credit hours

  • Engl 204, Expository Writing 3
  • Any courses in the English department 15
    Note: At least 8 credits must be 300 level or above. AP, IB or CLEP credit may not count toward this minor.