Computer science

A major and a minor in computer science are available.  See also major and minor in information technology.

Major in computer science

51 credit hours

  • CoSc 216, Programming I 4
  • CoSc 316, Programming II 4
  • CoSc 346, Human Computer Interaction 3
  • CoSc 356, Computer Networking3
  • CoSc 357, Data Privacy and Security3
  • CoSc 360, Operating Systems 4
  • CoSc 365, Analysis of Algorithms 3
  • CoSc 366, Database Design 3
  • CoSc 406, Systems Analysis 3
  • CoSc 409, Internship 3
  • CoSc 410, Senior Seminar 1
  • CoSc 416, Project Management 3
  • Math 205, Discrete Mathematics 3
  • Math 211, Calculus I 4
  • Math 301, Linear Algebra 3
  • Phys 304, Electronics 4

Student learning outcomes

Graduates in computer science will:

  1. Demonstrate proficiency in programming, software engineering, database design, networking, security, human computer interaction, operating systems, algorithm analysis, electronics, and systems analysis.
  2. Demonstrate proficiency with the mathematical principles underlying computer science concepts and techniques.
  3. Effectively communicate complex computing concepts orally, visually and in writing.
  4. Function effectively in teams to accomplish programming project goals.
  5. Design programs, implement, and evaluate said programs within systems and other software to meet the needs of organizations.
  6. Analyze the local and global impact of computing technology on individuals, organizations, and society.
  7. Demonstrate proficiency in engaging and using research from published literature and other resources to engage in a career in computing.

Planning guide

First year Goshen Core
Computational Thinking (if needed)
Programming I
Calculus I or Discrete Math
Second and
Third years
Goshen Core
Upper level computing and related courses
Fourth year Balance of Goshen Core
Remaining computing and related courses
Senior Seminar

Minor in computer science

  • CoSc 216, Programming I 4
  • CoSc 316, Programming II 4
  • Any computer science courses (9 credits must be upper level)12

Planning and advising notes

If combining this minor with an information technology major or minor, there must be at least 8 unique credits in the computer science minor not double-counting with the information technology major or minor.