Communication: Degree completion program

The Goshen College communication degree completion program offers students who finished an associate’s degree or started a bachelor’s degree but never finished an opportunity to earn a valuable bachelor’s degree. The program prepares students to communicate in a variety of formats as a communication professional.

The program is designed for working adults who have completed some college-level education. Courses are offered in the daytime, evening, online and in-person, to accommodate work schedules.

Admission to the program

This program is intended to serve working adults who have some prior college credits. Students must have at least 20 college credits to apply for this program. Students with an earned A.A. or A.S. degree may have their general education courses applied toward meeting the core requirements. Those with fewer than 60 credits or without an earned associate degree will have their transcripts evaluated by the academic advisor to determine an appropriate plan of study for the degree program.

Minimum pre-requisite Core requirements (15 credit hours) for students without an A.A. or A.S. degree

  • English composition II3
  • Literature, fine arts or foreign language 3
  • Natural science (biology, chemistry, or physics) 3
  • Social science (anthropology, economics, psychology, or sociology) 3
  • History or political science 3

Students without an A.A. or A.S. degree will complete additional elective coursework to reach 120 minimum total credit hours

Major in communication (B.S. degree completion)

51 credit hours

  • Comm 202, Oral Communication 3
  • Comm 240, Communication Research 3
  • Comm 270, Media, Law, & Ethics 3
  • Comm 322, Organizational Communication 3
  • Comm 324, Principles of Public Relations 3
  • Comm 340, Social Media Strategies 3
  • Comm 342, Advanced Workplace Writing 3
  • Comm 383, Communication & Society 3
  • Comm 385, Studies in Communication 3
  • Comm 408, Workplace Immersion (Internship) 3
  • Comm 410, Senior Seminar 3
  • Comm 412, Special Project 3
  • Core 210, Professional Communication Skills 4
  • Core 309, Leading & Serving in a Multicultural World 3
  • PJCS 210, Transforming Conflict & Violence 3
  • Additional communication courses 5

Student learning outcomes

Graduates in communication will:

  1. Comprehend a core of knowledge in the field.
  2. Demonstrate a set of professional skills and competencies in their practice of communication.
  3. Serve the college and community through media involvement.
  4. Create a diverse multimedia portfolio.
  5. Demonstrate competence in securing and completing immersive work experience.
  6. Report that courses and other training prepared them for a position or advancement in communication or a related career.
  7. Integrate Goshen College’s core values in professional preparation.