Bible and Religion

See also the minor available in theological studies and Christian ministries.

Major in Bible and religion

42 credit hours

  • Theoretical/Theological/Philosophical courses
    Rel 320, Christian Theologies3
    Phil 200, Introduction to Philosophy3
    Phil 320, Ethics and Morality3
  • Religious Studies (choose one)3
    Phil 307, Asian Thought
    Rel 220, Introduction to World Religions
    Rel 317, Islam
    Rel 323, Judaism
    Rel 315, Religion in Culture & Society
  • Church History (choose one)3
    Bibl 213, Story of the Early Church
    Hist 318, Anabaptist History
    Hist 321, Mennonites in America
    Hist 304, Renaissance & Reformation
  • Textual Studies
    Core 120, Engaging the Bible3
    Bibl 300, Jesus and the Gospels3
    Bibl 301, Hebrew Scriptures3
  • Praxis
    Rel 409, Senior Internship3
    Rel 410, Senior Seminar3
    Rel 411, Senior Thesis3
  • Electives9
    Other Bible, religion or philosophy courses, related courses (limit of 3 credits in PJCS) or a course at AMBS, in consultation with advisor

Student learning outcomes

Graduates in Bible and religion will:

  1. Provide a coherent account of the biblical narrative and development of the biblical canon, identifying distinctive content of parts of the canon.
  2. Demonstrate knowledge of core Christian convictions and the development and social function of core Christian institutions.
  3. Approach text using various and appropriate methodologies.
  4. Articulate their own convictions and analyze religious experience, including their own, using the conceptual language of contemporary theology, within the broader context of Christian history.
  5. Identify moral presuppositions and arguments guiding their own values and behaviors within the context of presuppositions about reality and the sacred.
  6. Demonstrate the ability to identify presuppositions about reality and the sacred that inform various religious traditions.

Planning guide

First year Goshen Core
Engaging the Bible (Core 120)
Second year Goshen Core
200-300 level courses in major, Bibl 301
Third year Goshen Core
Upper-level courses in major, Bibl 300
Related courses
Fourth year Balance of Goshen Core
Balance of major
Course at AMBS

Planning and advising notes

Students are encouraged to focus their plan of study by selecting electives in the following areas: ministry inquiry, religious studies, theology, biblical studies, or philosophy. Suggestions are available from Bible, religion and philosophy department faculty advisors.

Bible and Religion majors are encouraged to take one course at Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary (AMBS) in Elkhart, IN. One course may be taken there as part of a full-time Goshen College registration. For AMBS course listings, see

Minor in Bible and Religion

18 credit hours

  • Core 120, Engaging the Bible 3
  • One 300-level Bible course 3
  • Rel 316, Liberation Theology or
    Rel 320, Christian Theologies 3
  • Three additional Bible, religion or philosophy courses 9