School – Day Two (Special Parent Edition)

Not a whole lot to report today but we know after our daughter went to Nicaragua on SST this summer that even a little post these early days is better for parents than nothing at all. So, here you go.

Henri Locard has the rapt attention of Helena and Hannah

The students were on their own today to get to RUPP for their morning Khmer class. They then made their way across the city to the International Christian Fellowship (ICF) where we will have most of our afternoon classes. Today, we had an excellent lecture on Cambodian history since 1979 by Dr. Henri Locard, a prominent Cambodia scholar.

After class we had a few students at the unit apartment waiting to meet their families to go home, some were getting a top up on their water bottles and some were just hanging out. Nana, our housing assistant, popped by to say hello with her boyfriend. It’s fun for us to have a full apartment and hear how things are going for the students – the ups and the downs. Fortunately, the ups are far greater than the downs.

Here are more photos but we also wanted to share a short video showing how we get our pineapples peeled here. Want two? That would be $1. Following are just random pictures from the first 3 days but we promise you can find your child smiling in a least one picture. What more could you ask for?