About the Faculty

Representing some of the best in their fields, Goshen College is proud of its teaching faculty. It is a faculty who have committed their lives to fulfilling the mission and ministry the college. More than half of Goshen College faculty members have lived, studied or worked abroad, and their experiences are a powerful part of their classes and your learning experiences.

Below you find links for department chairpersons and program directors as well as links to the many accomplishments of our teaching faculty.

“Since early in institutional memory, the student-faculty relationship has been a close one, from social gatherings in 1951 in the home of Professor Karl and Christine Massanari in which U.S. and international students could interact to a house church group including faculty and students described by Rich Kremer ’75 where deep conversation and close relationships formed. Today, with arguably more complex family and student schedules, professors still invite students to their home – in the case of John D. Roth, professor of history, to enjoy the product of an old cider press. This is indeed a rare and wonderful place – people aware of their part in the body of Christ, and to helping others find their points of connection as well.”

– Quote taken from “About this issue: Many gifts, same spirit: Teaching at Goshen College,” September 2002 issue of the Goshen College Bulletin.