Academic Resource and Writing Center

Located in Good Library, 111 โ€“ 113, the Academic Resource and Writing Center (ARWC) offers several programs to promote independent, life-long learning for all students of Goshen College:

The ARWC assists Goshen College students with documented learning disabilities by helping students advocate for themselves and by coordinating reasonable academic accommodations.

We also provide technological assistance for students with disabilities. In addition, the ARWC refers students to local area resources for further evaluation and support.

Live Online Help - ARWC staff are pleased to be able to provide live online support to students. Contact us for details and to schedule an appointment.


Writing Center & Writing Mentor Program

The Writing Center, staffed by trained peer writing mentors, is open for drop-in service Monday through Thursday from 4 to 6 p.m. and Sunday through Thursday from 8 to 10 p.m., beginning the third week of the semester. The Writing Center is located on the first floor of the Good Library, in front of the ARWC. Drop by and we can work on your paper together! If you would like a writing mentor to meet with throughout the semester, please see the next section.

Writing mentors will work with you to improve your paper and your writing. We can help you at any point in the writing process โ€” brainstorming, crafting a thesis, organizing, revising drafts and final editing.

If you would like to meet with a writing mentor on a weekly basis, please contact Lois Martin, Director of ARWC, at She will send your name and contact information to a writing mentor, who will arrange to meet with you one-on-one for an hour each week. Or, to request a writing mentor, click here.

Try these links for some excellent writing guides:

Writing mentors: Find helpful tools for working with students at the following link:

Peer Tutoring Program

We all have challenging classes, and most of us have a class or two with which we could use some extra help. The Peer Tutoring Program helps organize peer-tutored study groups of five or fewer students who meet every week for one hour. These groups are available for GC courses only. Your professor can help facilitate forming these study groups in your class. Each semester, we have groups meeting for various subjects such as Spanish, pathophysiology, chemistry, computer programming, economics, statistics, accounting and biology.

If you would like a tutor, please contact: Lois Martin, ARWC director, at Or, to request a tutor, click here.

Organization and time management

Download and print a handy .PDF of our academic planning calendar:

Current Semester Calendar

We offer limited assistance with organization and time management skills. For an individual consultation or more information, please contact Lois Martin, Director of the Academic Resource and Writing Center.

For helpful tips and strategies about time management and study skills, please refer to the following webpage:

Services for students with disabilities

To be eligible to receive accommodations, a student must provide an educational evaluation completed by a licensed professional within the last three years. This documentation will be kept on file in the Academic Resource and Writing Center office. The ARWC provides a variety of services to students with documented learning disabilities. More details ยป