July 15, 2013

Sports or School?

Natalie Newell takes her education very seriously. She is getting her degree in Elementary Education at Bethel College in Mishawaka, IN. She plays softball at Bethel as well.

Newell uses time management to get her work done during the year because during the softball season it can get pretty tight. She often gets her homework done on the bus to away games. She makes time in between classes and softball.

Newell also knows how to prioritize. She puts education before softball. Newell earned the All-American Academic award last year. She knows what needs to get done first.

Newell wants to have a good education and a degree more than she wants to play softball. “For me being able to play softball is just the cherry on top,” said Newell. For Newell softball is just a bonus because she takes her education very seriously.

Newell is a great softball player as well as a hard worker. She should be looked up to by many young individuals.



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