July 15, 2013

High School to College: Stepping Up Your Game

GOSHEN Ind.- This morning, July 15,2013 at approximately 10:30 am, Write on Sports had the opportunity to interview Natalie Newell.

Natalie Newell is a pitcher at Bethel College in Mishawaka, Indiana. She is an athlete who takes both her game and her grades very seriously.

I talked with Newell about her Academic All-American award. She talked about how important time management is in completing your work. Earlier in the camp we were able to go to Notre Dame and interview athlete Jewell Loyd. She also talked about how one of the big changes from high school to college was academics.

The similarities between the two don’t stop there. Even though Loyd plays basketball and Newell plays softball, they both talked about the differences between high school and college games in closely related ways.

One of the ways both described a change in their sport was the speed of the game. They both said that the game was faster and there were no breaks. The two players also described a change in the size of the girls. They were bigger, faster, and stronger. Newell talked about how the harder game “challenged me to step up my game.”

The two players are from different colleges and play different sports. Yet, they have the same thoughts about the change. Are the two players really that different after all?



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