July 9, 2013

No Off Season for a Marathon Runner

Goshen, Ind.- Today a professional marathon runner named Justin Gillette came to Write on Sports. In an interview Gillette talked about how he is off season right now but is training very hard.

Gillette said that every week of the off season he runs 135 to 150 miles. But when he’s in season he only runs about 70 miles to prepare for a marathon.

To relax his legs muscles he fills his bathtub with ice. He stays in the tub until the ice melts.

Gillette takes about four Go’s, an energy gel food, before a marathon as well as during a marathon. Gillette also takes Go’s during his training.

So Gillette wont get hurt he stretches a lot before and after running. All of these things have helped him be the best runner he can be.



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