Nyantira Mennonite Church

This past Friday we made a trip to Nyantira Mennonite School to take a tour, learn about what they are doing there, and to learn about their affiliation with Compassion International (for information about what Compassion International is doing in Tanzania, click here).

Nyantira Mennonite School is unique because they have been working on ways to approach discipline without the use of corporal punishment, which is still commonly used in many schools.  We were also impressed with the way they teach students how to speak up against violence, particularly gender-based violence, and even performed a few skits they have rehearsed that deal with this issue.

The children were full of energy, and so excited to interact with our group.  We also had air-conditioned transportation to and from the school, which was icing on the cake!!

Enjoy the photos of our time at the school.