While foreigners may at first be turned off to ceviche, a dish of raw fish, its lemon-lime and onion mixture provide a striking taste. It doesn’t taste or have the texture of being raw. It is one part of many amazing Perúvian foods. Unlike other South and Central American cuisine, Perúvian food is a combination of influences from the indigenous in the Andes and the Amazon, the Spanish, and African slaves. It presents some of the most uncommon and tasty cuisine in the world.

The Quechua

Meet the living ancestors of the Incans. While exploring with the group, working at your service assignment, or living with your host family, you will likely encounter the Quechua people and learn how this indigenous group has survived over the years.

Inti Raymi

Hundreds of thousands of indigenous peoples from the Western hemisphere attend this festival near Cusco. It occurs during the winter solstice (the summer solstice in North America), and is the traditional festival of the Incan sun god. At the festival, participants re-enact the worship of the sun.