Twenty-two students stepped into the cool evening air outside Lima’s Jorge Chavez International Airport an hour and a half ago.  The group appeared weary from a long journey, but happy to be here at last and definitely ready to begin a new adventure.  They made it through immigration and customs in record time, about an hour, and we boarded the bus for a quiet hostel in Miraflores.  Tomorrow we begin the program with a day of orientation here in Peru’s capital.  Now it’s time to get some rest.




  1. Chris Holland says

    Hope everything is going as planed and everybody is doing great can’t wait to hear news and see more pictures. Know that we love u and are with you in thought and prayers .

  2. Chris Holland says

    Oh hey Michael and the rest of the guys remember those cameras your parents have sent with you are not just there as extra weight guess what you guys you can use those we will love to see whee u been and what it looks like love u mike

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