Experiential Learning, Part 4: Salsa!

Brad and Kara mastering a spin

Brad and Kara mastering a spin

We started this week with what has become a tradition of the Nica SST experience: dance lessons. From folkloric to bachata, cumbia to Palo de Mayo, dance is an integral part of Nicaraguan culture, and we’ve seen a lot of it in the month we’ve been here. Monday afternoon we learned that trying a few steps ourselves is quite another level of immersion.

Under the excellent tutelage of professional dance instructors Andres and Michele, we learned to recognize the underlying rhythmic pattern of salsa music (hint: listen for the clave), the proper posture, and the basic Cuban salsa step (Guapea). Some of us caught on more quickly than others, but in the end we all got a good workout — and provided a bit of entertainment for some workers near the open auditorium where the lesson was held. We hope you enjoy these photos as well!


  1. Evangeline says

    Thank you for the blogs: they continue to amaze and amuse us!
    We look forward to hearing about the student’s work assignments and the criteria used to determine placement.
    Thanks again for your wonderful updates.

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