To Darija . . . and Beyond!

This week we started classes. In addition to daily instruction in Colloquial Moroccan Arabic (Darija), there were also three excellent lectures on Moroccan History, Moroccan Culture and the Linguistic Situation of Morocco. We also watched a video to prepare us for our first field trip this weekend, to Fes, Volubilis and back to Meknes.

14 year-old Ian is with a class of first graders for a couple weeks, learning Arabic with them, until he integrates into classes with his peers. He is in the same building as the SSTers, so he sometimes

goes out to lunch with them.

After class or between classes students often stop by Dar Goshen to debrief, snack, use the internet or just plain rest. If there is pizza, then our Program Assistant and friend, Fouad, will be there as well. Those who stay long enough may see the sunset and the twinkling lights of the Hamariya from the living room window.



  1. Dawn says

    Thanks Paul for sharing the posts and the photos! It’s so wonderful to have a glimpse into their and your world currently. Give the group warm greetings from Stu’s parents in Florida. You’re all in our daily prayers and were so thankful the students can have this opportunity to grow in compassionate peacemaking by immersing themselves in another’s culture and doing so in love and with full respect. Blessings to the group. We look forward to the next update. Give a hug to Stu for us.

  2. Michael Michael says

    This to all but mainly to John M. Hope your fitting in and hope the atmosphere around you is good. The pictures are great and keep them coming. “The events” to the east of you make your family very concerned but know your in good hands. Keep smiling and letting your creative spirit come out.

    John’s parents in Indianapolis

  3. Sara says

    This makes me so nostalgic for Arabic class! I’m glad we taught you well. I miss you all so much! Campus feels so empty without everyone there. Glad you’re all doing well and having fun. Enjoy the beauty of Morocco (and the delicious food)! Give a big hug to Stu for me as well. and for John. and Liz, Kate, Joe, Micah, Suzanne, Clare, Lauren, Sam, Vanessa, Michael, Rachel, and Austin. Keep us updated, Paul!

  4. Susan says

    To Ian…going from first grade to high school in one year?!? Wow, you’re amazing! How many languages will you test out of on your return???

    Loving all the photos. Each photo is almost like an Icon leading us through a small portal to the world of Moracco and beyond. Thank you!

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