Brodie, Carley and Levi in Kampot

Last week, we had the opportunity to visit Brodie, Carley and Levi.  They are all in Kampot Province, about a 2 hour drive southwest of Phnom Penh.

Brodie and Carley on their house stairs/ramp. It's evidently quite a fun experience to try this out in the dark.
Brodie and Carley on their house stairs/ramp. It’s evidently quite a fun experience to try this out in the dark and also a bit scary to drive the moto up for safe-keeping each night.

Brodie and Carley are living and serving with our partners, World Renew, in a tiny village named Angkle. There, they live in an idyllic spot – in a home surrounded by fields, gardens, a fish pond, coconut palms and mango trees. Brodie and Carley’s service assignment is within sight of their home — a short five minute walk (or even shorter if you are delivering the teacher’s chairs) across the paths dividing the fields. Brodie and Carley team up to teach up to 50 children English six days a week in the village’s community center, which also serves as their outdoor classroom. They have been creative in their endeavor, using games, songs, and other teaching techniques to keep the children (who range in age from about three to 17) interacting and interested.  They are not afraid to use a well-placed recess to give the children (and themselves) a much-needed break!

The rest of their time is spent helping their host parents and sister around their family’s house/farm. (They have also learned to appreciate the Khmer tradition of an afternoon nap in hammocks!)  Their days are mostly spent in the area around their house and the community center. For a special treat they sometimes go to a local shop to get an iced coffee. They also sometimes make the 30 minute bike trek into Chhouk, where Levi is working and living.

Levi is also working with World Renew in an organization that is doing rural development work similar to Hannah and Isaiah’s organizations. His organization is Occupation and Rural Economic Development Association (OREDA). Levi is working in the office assisting the Director (who is also his host father), with social media (see the Facebook link, above), editing, computer training and other computer projects. He’s also been able to travel to a number of villages, meeting with local and regional partners. We were told by his co-workers that he does a great job of introducing himself in Khmer when visiting people in the villages!

The students in Kampot are all thriving, and will sorely miss their new friends and family when they leave in two short weeks.