Professor of English
Department Chair


BA, Kenyon College, 1976
MA, Pennsylvania State University, 1982
PHD, University of Pennsylvania, 1996

Editorial Positions

Website Editor, Center for Mennonite Writing.

Co-editor, with Ervin Beck. Journal of the Center for Mennonite Writing.

Advisory Board member, Conrad Grebel Review, The Mennonite Quarterly Review.

Current Projects

An essay in process, “After Ethnicity: Gender, Voice, and an Ethic of Care in the Work of Di Brandt and Julia Spicher Kasdorf,” for a proposed collection,  After Identity: Mennonite/s Writing in North America, edited by Canadian scholar Rob Zacharias, to be published by The Pennsylvania State University Press.

Other projects include:

A poetry chapbook, Enough, in the final stages of revision

A poetry manuscript, The Unexpected Guest, in the final stages of revision.

A collection of essays on Mennonite Writing, in process.

Curating and editing manuscripts and papers by my parents, John A. Hostetler and Beulah Stauffer Hostetler, including a family saga completed by my mother before her death, and my parents’ letters.


In addition to the current projects mentioned above, I have designed a number of new courses informed by my ongoing research on the role of ethnic literature classes at the college level in helping students to develop critical consciousness. By critical consciousness, I mean a person’s awareness of the ways in which class, gender, ethnicity inform the construction of discourse and power relations. Such awareness allows us to develop skills and act with intention in dismantling artificial barriers to access and dialogue among these various groups.

This research was supported in 2011-2012 by a teaching faculty fellowship from the Center for Intercultural Teaching and Learning at Goshen College.  During the summer of 2012, two students–Lauren Stoltzfus and Rebecca Weaver–analyzed data from a Mennonite Literature class and a Latino Literature class through the Maple Scholars student research program. The goal of this project was to help teachers of ethnic literature classes identify triggering points for potential conflict and growth in order to develop strategies for enhancing student knowledge and communication skills development.

Preliminary findings were presented at the American Literature Association conference, May 24-27, 2012, in a paper entitled “The Emergence of Critical Consciousness in the College-level Study of Ethnic Literature.”

An interview with poetry Maria Melendez about the research project as it pertains to the teaching of Latino literature by non-Latino teachers appears on the Letras Latinas Blog of Notre Dame’s Institute for Latino Studies.

This research has informed the development of new courses for Goshen College:

CORE 190: Borders, Bridges, and Boundaries – A Goshen Seminar in Peacemaking, Spring 2013.

CORE 190: Crossing Borders – A Goshen Seminar in Peacemaking, to be taught in Spring 2014.

ENGL 207/307: Latino Literature – taught in Spring 2012, will be taught again in 2014-2015.

ENGL 205: Warriors and Peacemakers – an Artistic World perspectives course taught in fall 2013

HUM 220: Word & Image – A literature and art Humanities class focused on ekphrasis, or the verbal-visual interarts comparison, incorporating critiques from race, gender, and culture in this traditional field heavily dominated by “Western Art” by white European and American artists and thinkers.




Selected Publications


Imagining Community: The Art of Sylvia Gross Bubalo. Exhibit Catalog. The Mennonite-Amish Museum Committee of Goshen College, 2013.

The Amish, 3rd Ed. by John A. Hostetler. Revised and updated with Steve M. Nolt. Herald Press, 2013.

Letters to the World: Poems from the Wom-Po Listserv.  Ed. Moira Richards, Rosemary Starace, and Lesley Wheeler. Member of Editorial Board for this collaborative anthology created through the internet. Los Angeles: Red Hen Press, 2008.

A Cappella: Mennonite Voices in Poetry. Ed. University of Iowa Press, 2003.

Empty Room with Light. Poems. Dreamseeker Books, 2002.


Along the Race: Reflections on People, Place and Urban Ecology

Selected Poems

  • “Travelers” in Quiddity: International Literary Journal, Benedictine University, Springfield, Fall/winter 2013
  • “Ode to the Dash” and “Suzanne Valadon Poses for Renoir” in Permafrost Summer Online Issue, 2013.
  • Topeka, Indiana,” Valparaiso Poetry Review, Spring/Summer 2013.
  • Unexpected Ghost,” Bluestem, Spring 2013
  • “The Languages of Yoga in Dresden,” The Cresset, Easter 2013
  • “Herman Hesse Learns the Language of Color,” The Cresset, Lent 2013
  • “Transfiguration,” Goshen College Lenten Meditation for March 30, 2013
  • “The Many and the One,” Grey Sparrow Journal, April 2013
  • “The Woman Who Refused to be Shunned,” The Atlanta Review, Fall/Winter 2012
  • “In German Class,” Limestone, The University of Kentucky, 2012
  • “Black Flower,” Talking River Review, Lewis-Clark State College, Summer 2012.
  • “Sacred Harp Singing in Mid-July” and “Cleaning the Closet,” The MacGuffin, Winter, 2012.
  • “Youth in Autumn.”  Rhubarb. Winter 2013.
  • “Jahrzeit” and “Neuroma.” The Alembic. Spring 2012
  • “Prayer.” Shepherd Express Online, April 2012.
  • Accounting,” Gulf Stream Magazine, Online #7, Spring 2012
  • Enough” and “Flight Patterns,” Nimrod International Journal, Spring 2012 
  • “Strangers”, The Monarch Review, November 28, 2011.
  • “Too Big for Words,” Poet Lore, Summer 2011.
  • Portrait of the Artist,” Washington Square Review, Summer 2011.
  • Representations of the Body: The German Hygiene Museum, The Stickman Review, Spring 2011.
  • On the Front Porch at Midnight” and “After Birth,” Literary Mama, May 8, 2011.
  • “Living Sacrifice” and “For Those Who Would Change the World” in Tongue Screws and Testimonies, ed. Kirsten Beachy. Scottdale: Herald Press, 2010
  • “Market,” “Know What You Love,” “Correspondence,” “Birthday Dinners,” “Connection.”  In Rhubarb, 26, Summer 2010.
  • Heirlooms,” Valparaiso Poetry Review
  • “Sonnets for the Amish Girls of Nickel Mines.”  Mennonite Weekly Review, January  1, 2007. Rpt. The Elkhart Truth.  9 January 2007.
  • “Female Ancestor.” In Common Wealth: Contemporary Poets on Pennsylvania.  Ed. Marjorie Maddox and Jerry Wemple.  State College:  The Pennsylvania State University Press, 2005. Noted on the Pennsylvania Center for the Book website.

Selected Essays and Reviews

Review of The Apple Speaks by Becca J. R. Lachman in the Journal of Mennonite Studies, vol. 31, Summer 2013.

“Winning the Lottery: A Tribute to Daniel Hoffman.” Per Contra: An International Journal of the Arts, Literature, and Ideas, Issue 27, Spring 2013.

“The Self in Mennonite Garb: Where Does the Writing Come From?” The Mennonite Quarterly Review, January 2013.

“The Cheyenne in the Poetry of Anna Ruth Ediger Baehr.”  Co-authored with Sarah Roth-Mullet.  The Mennonite Quarterly Review July 2011.

“Of Mothering, Monasticism, and Creative Space: A Retreat at Soul Mountain.”  Future Earth Magazine, vol. 4, Summer 2010.

“A Valediction Forbidding Excommunication: Ecopoetics and the Reclamation of Community in Recent Work by Di Brandt.”  Journal of Mennonite Studies, 28, Summer 2010.

“Every Buggy Has Four Wheels: Making ‘Sonnets for the Amish Girls of Nickel Mines.’  In Making Poems:  40 Poems with Commentary by the Poets.  Albany: SUNY Press, 2010.

“The Art of Teaching:  An Interview with Toni Morrison.”  Toni Morrison: Conversations.  Ed. Carolyn Denard. Jackson: Univ. Mississippi Press, 2008.

“Playing the Sacred Harp:  Mennonite Literature as Confession.”  The Conrad Grebel Review. Winter 2008.

Cento for an Anthology of Women Poets.” With Ann Fisher-Wirth, Ellen Goldstein, D’Arcy Randall, Rosemary Starace & Lesley Wheeler. Junctures: The Journal for Thematic Dialogue.  Vol. 10, June 2008.

“Bringing Experience to Consciousness:  Reflections on Mennonite Literature, 2004.”  Journal of Mennonite Studies. Volume 23, 2005.

“Three Women Poets and the Beginnings of Mennonite Poetry n the U.S.:  Anna Ruth Ediger Baehr, Jane Rohrer, Jean Janzen.”  Mennonite Quarterly Review (October 2003) 77.4, 521-546.

“The Unofficial Voice:  The Poetics of Cultural Identity and Contemporary U. S. Mennonite Poetry.”  Mennonite Quarterly Review (October 1998)  72.4, 511-528.  Rpt.  In Migrant Muses:  Mennonite(s) Writing in the U. S., ed. John Roth and Ervin Beck, Mennonite Historical Society, Goshen, IN, 31-48.

The Aesthetics of Race and Gender in Nella Larsen’s Quicksand.”  PMLA, vol. 105, no. 1, January 1990.

“Emerson and the Visual Arts:  Private Response and Public Posture.”  ESQ:  A Journal of the American Renaissance (Autumn 1987) 34.3, 121-136.


Summer 2013

HUM 220 – Art and Literature: Word & Image (online)
HUM 220 Lab

Fall 2013

Engl 205 Warriors and Peacemakers: An Artistic World Perspectives Course
Engl 280 Sophomore Writing Portfolio
Engl207/307 Mennonite Literature
408 Senior Writing Practicum
409 Senior Project

Spring 2014

CORE 190 Crossing Borders: A Goshen Seminar in Peacemaking
ENGL 280  Sophomore Writing Portfolio
ENGL 334  Writing Creative Nonfiction
ENGL 408  Senior Writing Practicum
ENGL 409 Senior Project
ENGL 410 Senior Seminar

Historic Courses

ENGL 203 Intro to Creative Writing
ENGL204 Expository Writing
ENGL 210 Introduction to Literature: Poetry
ENGL 299 Independent Project
ENGL 300 Critical Theory and Practice
ENGL 302 British Literature 1800 to Present
ENGL 303 American Literature
ENGL 305 Genre: Contemporary Poetry
ENGL 306 Major Author: D.H. Lawrence and Virginia Woolf
ENGL 306: Major Author: Woolf, Faulkner, and Morrison
ENGL 307 African American Literature, African American Literature and Film
ENGL 307 Latino Literature
ENGL 307 Mennonite Literature
ENGL 307 Native American Literature
ENGL 330 Writing Fiction
ENGL 332 Writing Poetry
ENGL 334 Writing Creative Nonfiction
HIST 373 Native American History
HUM 220, 320, 420 Literature and Art
REL/WOST 328 Spiritual Writings of Women

Honors & Awards

Colrain Poetry Manuscript Conference acceptance, Summer 2013
U.S. Poets in Mexico acceptance,  Merida, Mexico. January 5-12, 2013
John Hewitt Summer School Bursary, Armagh, N. Ireland, Summer 2008
Soul Mountain Retreat Residency, Spring 2007
Contemplative Curriculum Development Seminar participant, August 2006.  Center for Contemplative Mind in Society.  Smith College, Northampton, Massachusetts.
Finalist for Arlin G. Meyer Award, Sponsored by the Lilly Fellows Program of Valparaiso University, 2005, for Empty Room with Light
Honorable Mention, Gwendolyn Brooks Poetry Contest of the Society for the Study of Midwestern Literature, 2003.  For “Priestess of Love.”
C. Henry Smith Peace Lectureship, 2002-2003
Turner Dissertation Prize Nominee, University of Pennsylvania, 1996
Outstanding Educator Recognition, Scholastic Art and Writing Awards, 1995
Wisconsin Arts Board Development Grant, 1993-94 for Poetry
Academy of American Poets William Carlos Williams Award, University of Pennsylvania,
1989 – Honorable mention, judged by W. S. Merwin
1988 – Third Place, judged by James Merrill
Phi Beta Kappa, 1976

Grants & Fellowships

Mininger Faculty Scholarship Award, 2013-2014
CITL Language Study Grant, 2012-2013
Mininger Conference Grant, 2012-2013
CITL Faculty Research Fellowship, 2011-2012
Mininger Conference Grant, 2010-2011
Sabbatical, 2009
Mininger International Conference Grant, 2009-2010
Mininger Conference Grant, 2008-2009
Mininger Conference Grant, Goshen College, 2007-08
Mininger Research Grant, Goshen College, 2006-07
Women’s Studies Research Award, Goshen College, 2006
Mininger Conference Grant, Goshen College, 2005-06
Mininger Research Grant, Goshen College, 2003-04
Goshen College Faculty Research Awards, annually from 1999-2003
Women’s Studies Research Award, Goshen College, Spring 2002
Multicultural Education Office Course Enrichment Grant, Goshen College, 2001-2002; 2002-2003
Women’s Studies Award for Faculty Research, Goshen College,  Spring 2001, Spring 2002


In the Profession:

Planning Committee, Mennonite/s Writing, 2015 (Fresno, California)
Advisory Board: The Conrad Grebel Review

At Goshen College:

  • Mennonite Quarterly Review Editorial Board
  • Mennonite-Amish Museum Committee
  • Bookstore Advisory Committee
  • ipad Curriculum Advisory Committee
  • Teacher Education Advisory Committee (TEAC)

In the English Department:

  • Broadside advisor (with Jessica Baldanzi)
  • Red Cents advisor (with Jessica Baldanzi)


  • Planning committees for Mennonite/s Writing, 2002, 2006, 2012
  • MLK Day, Jr. Committee
  • Strategic Planning Committee
  • Women’s Studies Advisory