Lima Families

Lima is a lively, bustling city of 9 million people.  People come here from all over Peru in search of work, education, medical treatment or, simply, new opportunities.  We arrived here several days ago from our three-week adventure in the Andes to begin the Lima portion of our study program.  The students will spend the next three weeks listening to lectures, taking part in workshops, studying Spanish and visiting a variety of places in this growing metropolitan area.  They will also get to know a new set of host families.   On the evening we arrived the new host mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters came in twos and threes to our meeting place at Iglesia Buen Pastor (Good Shepherd Church).  The students were anxious to meet their families and get settled.  The families, for their part, were excited to meet the North Americans that they would welcome into their homes for the next three weeks.  Introductions were made, coffee and tea were served, and then, one by one, the students put on their backpacks, grabbed their suitcases and accompanied their new host parents and siblings into the cool evening air.